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It's the great catch-22 facing struggling writers in Hollywood: You need an agent or manager to sell your script, but you need a script before you can get an agent or manager. That's the wall so many young (and not so young) aspiring screenwriters face as they try to break into film or television writing.

Producers usually cling to a great and very reassuring Hollywood tradition of never accepting "unsolicited scripts." This protects the producers in a couple of ways. First, it prevents them from receiving endless piles of scripts or book manuscripts that they could never read in a lifetime. More importantly, the policy protects producers from receiving material that they could later be accused of stealing.

So unless producers want to send out a legal release form for every project they receive, they need Agents or Managers to act as safe, professional channels through which materials will flow into their offices.

At PMM, we stress the necessity for writers to write simply for the sake of creating new screenplays. We have clients at the top of their game getting big money for assignments, but they still write scripts simply because they feel a need to tell a story.

Our Focus:

PMM provides services in the areas of: evaluating screenplays, film productions, Co-productions, editing scripts and providing personal referrals to studios and production companies.

PMM works to maximize a screenplay's artistic and commercial potential to get production company executives to give the work the time and attention it deserves.

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